The author briefly introduces his life and professional experience. He suggests paying attention to the initial infantilism and weakness of the body as the primary cause of all addictions, as well as to the secondary cause, as a derivative of the weakness of the body from the effects of any destructive influences. He focuses on the lack of love and attention in most people, provoking the emergence of addictions; encourages everyone to acquire a hobby, as an option to save all people. The book also discusses personal reflections on mechanisms for developing addictions to alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.

Calls to take into account the possibility that every brain cell and maybe all nerve cells are transceiver stations of communication of each person with the Cosmos, i.e. in fact, with GOD himself, both at the level of awareness of ideas, and at the level of intuition.

The author suggests the following ideas:

1) corrections of A. Einstein’s formula for the mutual dependences of mass and energy under the conditions of “BLACK HOLE”;

2) consideration of the “BLACK HOLE” of galaxies as similarity of jet engines for the movement of galaxies in Cosmos;

3) the possibility of existence, except for protons and neutrons, with the same mass of still unknown elementary particle, but with a negative charge;

4) a new paradigm of the UNIVERSE, which “breathes” energy and mass with the presence of circulations of masses and energies, like the circulation of blood in the human body, with the possibility of the existence of an “UNIVERSE”, as a “heart” of the UNIVERSE, which in Space may not be one, perhaps as the centers of intersection of the Mobius stripes, where the galaxies strive in their movement through the Cosmos, instead of the “BIG EXPLOSION” paradigm with the chaotic “scattering” of galaxies;

5) the interdependence of space and time;

6) the new function of endogenous alcohol in the brain cells of the body - for consideration by a wide range of readers. He proposes to consider the UNIVERSE as PERPETUUM MOBILE with a constant increase in both matter and energies.

The author considers the HOLY SPIRIT as the space of the COSMIC MIND, in which everything is located, and in WHICH everything happens. If GOD called himself EXISTING, then everything existing with its existence proves HIS existence, and all atheistic attacks are signs of primitivism, at least in this matter. We all face NIM: just someone with acceptance, and someone with rejection. Everyone chooses his own choice. Point.

   In connection with the decline of democracy, he offers to the public a new option for increasing democracy. Recalls the possibility of a dead end way to strengthen nationalism, both Ukrainian and Zionist, calls for the expansion and strengthening of internationalism. He recommends considering what is happening in a wider framework of situations as "obvious which is not always true." He offers its own options for taking measures for drug addiction, the need for systematic measures to prevent addiction in young people through their earlier development of military specialties in the summer. He offers pronouncing one's desires according to the examples of prayers as program to increase the positive in one’s environment, which in total will give an increase in positive both in the country and on the planet.